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Silver Italian Chain - Rhodium Box 012 Silver Italian Chain - Rhodium Box 012

Product Code: CP610034
Gauge: 012 (0.7mm)
Width: 0.7 mm
Weight per Inch: 0.077 gr

Finish: Rodium Plated
Metal Material: Sterling Silver

Silver Italian Chain - Rhodium Box 015 Silver Italian Chain - Rhodium Box 015

Product Code: CP610035
Gauge: 015
Width: 0.8 mm
Weight per Inch: 0.108 gr

Finish: Rhodium Plated
Metal Material: Sterling Silver

Silver Italian Rhodium Box  019 Silver Italian Rhodium Box 019

Product Code: CP610036
Gauge: 019 (1.0mm)
Width: 1 mm
Weight per Inch: 0.154 gr

Finish: Rhodium Plated
Base Metal Material: Sterling Silver

A3 Silver Italian Rhodium Hollow Box 2 mm

Product Code: CP612146
Width: 2 mm
Weight per Inch: 0.304 gr
Base Metal Materiel: Sterling Silver


Wholesale Rhodium Plated Box Chain

Many silver or sterling silver jewelry is plated with rhodium. This material, related to platinum, provides the silver with an additional protective layer that is resistant to scratches, and for pure silver, will not tarnish. Because of these properties, there are huge numbers of styles, from rings to lockets, to chains of various types that are part of wholesale rhodium plated jewelry collections. One might even purchase chains that are rhodium-plated without realizing they are getting plated jewelry. Since the care is slightly different for plated pieces than they are for sterling silver, it pays to ask when you purchase if you are getting a plated item.

In many cases when you get a good Italian box chain in silver, sterling silver, or another white metal, it pays to get one that is rhodium-plated. Even though silver is more reflective than rhodium, the latter metal is more durable. For daily wear, the plated chain will resist scratches better. You can find rhodium-plated box chains in .8 mm in 18 and 20 lengths, and in 1 mm in 16, 18, and 20-inch lengths. A box chain is a smooth chain that is lovely to wear and made of wide square links.

When shopping for rhodium-plated jewelry items it pays to look for them online to get the best selection to choose from. Another feature about shopping online is that you will likely get the best wholesale prices possible. Of course, you do not want to just get wholesale rhodium plated jewelry from just anyone. You need to make sure you deal with a long established company that has excellent customer service and stands by the quality of their product. Going with a trusted online supplier will give you all these factors and a peace of mind to boot.

When you need quality rhodium-plated Italian box chain jewelry, there is no source better than Sidney Imports. Since 1990, this company has been providing wholesale rhodium-plated silver jewelry at the best prices with the largest selection anywhere. Call 213.627.2113 or Toll Free 888.708.4940 to take advantage of their customer service today.