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Wholesale Sterling Silver Ball Stud Earrings

Simple yet sophisticated, classic yet modern these are a few of the descriptions used for wholesale sterling silver ball stud earrings and for good reasons, too. Keep in mind that stud earrings may have simple designs just a ball of metal attached to a post but therein lies their sophistication in that each pair can be used for many types of ensembles from casual to dressy. The trick is in choosing the best size for the outfits such as large studs for dressy outfits and small stud earrings for business suits.

The popularity of silver ball stud earrings for women can be attributed to three main reasons, namely:

High-quality sterling silver

The metal used on these stud earrings are not just any metal. Instead, the metal is sterling silver, an alloy of silver and copper in the industry standard 92.5% to 7.5% ratio. The result is an alloy with almost similar luster as platinum, appeal as white gold, and strength as steel.

But be sure to check that, indeed, the sterling silver used in wholesale sterling silver ball stud earrings are of the highest quality. Your best bet: Buy only from a reliable online wholesaler like Sidney Imports for such an assurance.

Available sizes

We have already established that silver ball stud earrings for women are bestsellers among jewelry because of their beauty, durability and versatility. The wide range of sizes also contribute to their popularity, said sizes of which pertain to the size of the stud itself. The sizes range from the small studs at 2 millimeters and the mid-sized studs at 6 millimeters to the large studs at 10 millimeters.

Yes, there is a pair of sterling ball stud earrings for every style sensibility. You should always provide for several choices for your retail customers since women cannot have one too many earrings in her jewelry box.

Just be sure to purchase your stocks of wholesale sterling silver ball stud earrings from Sidney Imports. Your retail business will benefit from doing so, thanks to the wide range of earrings available, the outstanding delivery and customer services, and the competitive wholesale prices. Call us now at 213.627.2113 for your orders!