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Wholesale Sterling Silver Omega Necklace

When you need to find the perfect necklace but do not want to pay full price going to a whole seller is an excellent option. Wholesale services like those provided by Sidney Imports ofte`n are able to offer their clients a huge collection of wholesale sterling silver necklaces in the ever-popular “omega” style. Buying a sterling silver omega necklace wholesale can give you access to not only the best prices but also a superior range from which to choose to find the perfect necklace.

The popular Omega chain is often offered in both solid sterling silver and plated examples. When purchasing high quality Italian silver omega necklaces look for those that are solid sterling silver for the longest and best allergy free wear. The omega chain comes in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 mm sizes in both 16 and 18-inch lengths. This lovely chain style looks great on both genders, and can be worn with or without a pendant. It is a flat chain that glides over the skin. What makes an Omega chain distinctive is how it is made. An omega chain is plates over a wire or woven mesh. Since the strength of the chain relies on the wire, the small plates can be made in many styles.

When you buy your silver jewelry items, be it rings, bracelets, or sterling silver omega necklace, wholesale through a trusted and well established supplier through the Internet, you get a wealth of benefits including a low minimum order (200 dollars), wide variety of styles (as many as 15 thousand different styles), the best prices, and top notch customer service no matter where you live. By shopping through an online supplier, you gain access to pieces made around the world that you might not otherwise see.

For all your wholesale silver jewelry needs you only need one excellent supplier. Make it Sidney Imports, where since 1990 we have prided ourselves in excellent customer service coupled with the best price on top quality Italian silver omega necklaces. Call us at 213.627.2113 or Toll Free at 888.708.4940 today!