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Rhodium Plated Brass Necklace Selections in Fashionable Style

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Rhodium Plated Brass Necklace - Skull & Moon Rubber Necklace w/ Rhodium Brass Clasp (10 pcs X $8.97
List Price: $5.71
Wholesale Price: $2.00
Rhodium Plated Brass Necklace - Skull & Moon Rubber Necklace w/ Rhodium Brass Clasp (10 pcs X $8.97
Product Code: PPF2124
Available Length: 16" + extension 2 inches
Metal Material: Rhodium Plated Brass
Price Per 10 Pcs. ($0.89 each)
Product Code: NCF3001
Available Length: 16", 18" + extension 2 inches
Material: Rubber
Metal Material: Rhodium Plated Brass

Wholesale Rhodium Plated Brass Necklace

Not all “white” metal jewelry is silver or white gold. Sometimes it is rhodium-plated. The inside metal can be white gold, silver, or even brass. Brass is a lovely way to have costume pieces to wear that is long lasting and durable, but not everyone wants yellow metal. By plating this material in Rhodium-plate, which is a material related to platinum, one can get quality white metal costume pieces that are highly durable. This process lends well to a great variety of cast metal pieces, including pendants with a very high level of detail. On can find literally hundreds of thousands of options, the limit is only one's imagination when looking for a wholesale rhodium plated necklace.

One can find rhodium plated brass jewelry in both utility items like clasps, and decorative pieces like pendants and chains. At Sidney Imports, there are 50 different designs to choose from, including religious and fanciful designs. Most necklaces sold there come in 16-inch lengths with a 2-inch extender. Pendants come both in solid metals and in stone accented pieces that use cubic zircon, marcasite, or Black Onyx. All pendants come with a chain that places focus on the pendant. One will find hearts, dolphins, crosses and other symbols are very popular.

Buying your wholesale rhodium plated necklace from a trusted online supplier gives you many benefits. You will be able to pick from a wide selection and hand tailor your wholesale order. You will get to match a low minimum order of 200 dollars. If you spend over that in a single order, you get an additional discount. Plus you get excellent customer service from a well-established company. Should something happen and you not get what you wanted, a trusted supplier will do whatever they can to make it right.

Take advantage of 15,000 designs offered by Sidney Imports. We are your one stop Imported Silver and rhodium plated brass jewelry trusted online supplier. With 23 years of experience, great customer service, and top quality offerings, Sidney Imports is all you need. Call 213.627.2113 or Toll Free 888.708.4940 today.