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Continuous Hoop Earrings 11111 Continuous Hoop Earrings 1.5mm 11111 Continuous Hoop Earrings 2mm

1.2 mm
Dia: 8 mm - 55 mm

1.5 mm
Dia: 8 mm - 90 mm

2 mm
Dia: 10 mm - 40 mm

1 1

Continuous Hoop 2.5mm
3mm Continuous Hoop

2.5 mm
Dia: 8 mm - 80 mm
3 mm
Dia: 8 mm - 90 mm

Wholesale Sterling Silver Huggie Hoop Earrings

Falling in love with silver huggie hoop earrings is easy for many reasons. These earrings are the modern versions of the classic hoop earrings – each small and thick earring loops around the earlobe in a manner that makes the former looks like it is hugging the latter, thus, the name. The design – the hinge is located on the earring’s top – makes for faster and easier insertion and removal.

Think about it: Sterling silver hoop earrings wholesale are the best stocks for your retail jewelry business because these are highly saleable for the following reasons:

• High-quality materials

All of the sterling silver huggie hoop earrings are obviously made from sterling silver as the base metal. Keep in mind that sterling silver is one of most popular alloys in the jewelry industry because of its beauty with its high luster comparable to platinum, durability similar to gold so much so that it is suitable for daily wear, and affordability in comparison with these two metals. The sterling silver used in the sterling silver hoop earrings wholesale pieces comply with the industry standards – 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper by mass.

But these huggie hoop earrings in sterling silver are also accented by glittery stones and crystals! Cubic zirconia is the most commonly used stones for these earrings, said synthetic substance of which come in a rainbow of colors mimicking just about every precious gemstones like diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

• Popular designs

Huggie hoop earrings also come in a wide variety of designs. Although the basic design of a hoop earring hugging the earlobe remains, the designs include cubic zirconia stones embedded in settings like channel, prong and bezel. The number of stones on the bands also varies from a single solitaire to an eternity setting, thus, adding to the variety.

• Available sizes

The earrings come in several sizes from 4 to 16 millimeters. Be sure to purchase several sizes since customers’ earlobes and preferences will considerably vary; the more choices you can offer, the better for your business.

Purchase your inventory of silver huggie hoop earrings only from a reliable wholesaler. Sidney Imports is known for its excellent customer service, delivery terms and conditions, and wide range of selections of silver jewelry items. With us, you will also enjoy reasonable wholesale prices.

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