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Wholesale Sterling Silver Necklace

Buy even a single style of wholesale sterling silver necklace and you will make handsome profits when selling these on retail. Keep in mind that the best benefit of buying wholesale is the low prices on the overall costs of inventory and the high profit margins on the selling price per item. This is also true for 925 silver necklaces, which are probably the most saleable of the batch.

Low Inventory Costs on Saleable Items

Sterling silver necklaces are increasingly becoming popular among the fashionable set and for good reasons, too. In comparison with gold necklaces, silver necklaces are more affordable such that individuals who love jewelry can still get their fix, so to speak, without plunging themselves into debt. The fact that silver jewelry is as visually appealing as gold jewelry also adds to its value.

Plus, silver necklaces are versatile in terms of mixing and matching with outfits from casual shirt—and-jeans combo to cocktail dresses. Many a wholesale sterling silver necklace can actually be paired with so many outfits that you need not wear another necklace! It’s all a matter of personal style.

The bottom line: Silver necklaces are saleable because of their affordability and versatility.

Buying wholesale 925 silver necklaces has its benefits, too, from the perspective of a jewelry businessman. For one thing, you can enjoy the lowest possible costs on saleable necklaces, thus, boosting your profits when these are sold for retail, not to mention that you can also save on delivery costs for the bulk purchase. For another thing, you can avail of savings in time, energy and effort when purchasing from a one-stop wholesaler of silver jewelry like Sidney Imports.

Necklaces to Adore

Choose a style of wholesale sterling silver necklace from the following list and start your jewelry business with your initial stock. Better yet, choose two or three to provide your customers with more choices.

  • Silver CZ Necklaces: Cubic zirconia is a popular substitute for many precious gemstones like diamonds, sapphires and rubies that, when set on a sterling silver pendant and chain, becomes a thing of beauty, indeed.
  • Silver Marcasite Necklaces: Marcasite necklaces usually have elaborate designs of whorls, vines and flowers suitable for formal occasions. Feel like a queen, indeed, with these necklaces.
  • Silver Necklaces in Assorted Style: Why settle for just one style of wholesale sterling silver necklace when you can have several necklaces? Choose from necklaces with pendants like sideways cross, colorful beads, and cubic zirconia hearts.
  • Silver Rosary Necklaces: Whether worn as a sign of faith or as a fashion statement, silver rosary necklaces are great personal accessories!
  • Silver Heart Link Necklaces: What other symbol represents love than hearts? Silver heart link necklaces are saleable items even among singles because of their symbolism and beauty.

But don’t purchase sterling silver necklaces from just about any site. Look for a reliable online wholesaler by compiling a list of possible sellers; comparing their products and services by doing your research (i.e., ask fellow retailers, read BBB reviews); and then trying out the site with a small order.

There’s no online wholesaler of many a wholesale sterling silver necklace than Sidney Imports! Call the us at (213)627-2113 now.