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Sterling silver is an alloy that contains approximately 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Another metal is added to the alloy because silver on its own is too soft. Sterling silver has become incredibly popular lately, which has increased the price of such jewelry.

Why Buy Sterling Silver Bracelets Wholesale?

There is a wide range of sterling silver bracelets in the jewelry boutiques. These accessories can be expensive, especially if the bracelet is massive or decorated with precious stones. Sterling silver bracelets wholesale are a great alternative to the traditional purchase. Buying in bulk means that you will be benefiting from a significant reduction in price. Additionally, there will be more models in stock than the availability of bracelets in a boutique. Whether you want to get some fine jewelry or you are interested in sterling silver as a form of investment, a wholesale purchase is the most affordable and rational choice.

Choosing the Best Wholesale Silver Jewelry Online Shop

Menís sterling silver bracelet or another jewelry item can easily be purchased online. Many websites offer wholesale jewelry pieces. Judging the storeís reputation before making a purchase is the right thing to do. Internet is full of information and former customers often share their experiences in forums and websites. You can learn a lot from such accounts. The websiteís policies are just as important. Make sure that you get some guarantee of authenticity and that you understand what the silverís origin is. A money-back guarantee is another important indicator of quality.

The Most Popular Silver Bracelet Designs Sterling silver bracelets wholesale come in many shapes and sizes. Some designs are more popular than others because of their timeless appeal, intricate decorations and originality. Here are some of the most popular bracelet designs:

  • Silver CZ bangle bracelet: The CZ bangle is usually a heavy, round bracelet that has no clasp or opening. It has cubic zirconia and it is slid on the hand.
  • Silver ID bracelet: These silver bracelets usually have an ID plate that can be inscribed with a personís name or any other information.
  • Plain bangle bracelet: Bangle bracelets can have some pattern on the surface or they could be plain. The simple shine of metal is sufficient to create elegance. Plain bangle bracelets are very minimalist and very stylish.
  • Silver shamballa bracelet: The colors of the shamballa bracelet beads are connected to emotions and energies. These are used to increase your feeling of well-being.
  • Silver stone bracelet: A stone is added to the bracelet design, making it more eye-catching and dynamic.

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