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Shopping For Wholesale Sterling Silver Pendants Online

Besides the metal being sustainable, sterling silver pendants are preferred for their beauty and durability. These charming pendants have a wide variety available in the market. The designs range from hearts to crosses to initials to animal figures to abstract shapes. You can easily find the plain version or those encrusted with diamonds, cubic zirconia (CZ), or gems. The varying colors of these additions make the pendants more dazzling. Buying wholesale sterling silver pendants is relatively cheap allowing you an income through retail.

You can buy wholesale sterling silver pendants from suppliers near you, or you can purchase them online. Here are two tips to help you find a wholesale supplier who sells genuine high quality silver jewelries online:

1. The first telltale sign is the price. A credible online silver jeweler will sell his or her silver pendants at the prevailing wholesale price. You will need to be informed of the prevailing wholesale prices to distinguish the fake from the genuine supplier.

2. Silver pendant wholesale suppliers will always ask for your tax details or your trade license number. If the online merchant you are buying from does not request this information, then the shop is not to be trusted.

Once you have established a trustworthy online wholesaler, you can proceed to purchase the silver pendants. There is a wide variety from which to choose. However, the following prove to be popular:

  • Silver Plain Cross Pendant: These are the most popular because of their simplicity. They come in different designs, shapes and heights. It is wise to mix them so you do not end up with necklaces and chains that are alike.
  • Silver Initial Pendant: Get as many letters as you possibly can. These will sell easily since everybody loves to identify themselves, whether it is their pet names or their real names. Use different font styles to appeal to the market mass. Purchase both plain and CZ encrusted.
  • Silver CZ Cross: This is most popular with women. Different colors of CZ can be matched with different outfits.
  • Silver Locket Pendant: These are a favorite of everyone. Used to keep a photo of a loved one, they are great gift items that can be bought in plenty.
  • Silver Pendant: Bracelet Add On: You will find a variety of these wholesale sterling silver pendants bracelet add-ons; mix them up to appeal to people's different styles.
  • Silver Plain Heart Pendant: Although the metal is plain, there are different designs from which to choose. Some will have messages while others will not; therefore, it is important to choose a variety of messages as well as designs.
  • Silver Men's CZ Pendant: These speak masculinity to appeal to the intended market segment. Their designs range from football club emblems, to initials, to numbers among others. Other than emblems, most of them are encrusted with colorless CZ.

Choose a variety of silver pendants with your clients in mind. Take advantage of wholesale prices at Sidney Imports, a genuine online silver pendant wholesale supplier. You can also call us through this telephone number 213 627 2113 or with our toll free number at 888 708 4940.