Rope 025

Rope 060
00000000000000000000 Rope 025 - 1.1mm 000000 Rope 060 - 3mm
Rope 030 Rope 070
Rope 030 - 1.4mm Rope 070 - 3.5mm
Rope 035 Rope 080
Rope 035 - 1.6mm Rope 080 - 4mm
Rope 040 Rope 100
Rope 040 - 1.8mm Rope 100 - 5mm
Rope 050
Rope 050 - 2.5mm

Each chain in this set is formed out of oval links that twist to produce a woven-spiraling rope. The width of each chain allows it to make a nice statement when paired with a gemstone or as a stand-alone necklace.

Wholesale Sterling Silver Rope Chain

The rope chain design is one of the most visually pleasing possibilities for gold and silver jewelry. It allows for interesting variations in terms of design complexity and size of the chain. Thus, the sterling silver rope chain is suitable for both ladies and gentlemen who understand accessories and want to look trendy.

Distinctive Characteristics of the Wholesale Sterling Silver Rope Chain

The wholesale sterling silver rope chain is characterized by links connected to each other in a way that recreates the appearance and the structure of a rope.

To create the appearance of a rope, the craftsman could twist, braid or overlap the sterling silver chains. A rope chain can be very thin and suitable for the addition of a pendant. The menís silver rope chains are usually thicker and worn without the addition of pendants.

The typical sterling silver rope chain can be expensive, especially if handmade. One of the best and most affordable possibilities for the purchase of such high quality pieces is the selection of a reputable online store.

Buying Silver Chains Online: Is It a Good Idea?

Online wholesale sterling silver rope chain purchases are still to gain great popularity. Some people worry about the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship. There are, however, a number of reputable online stores that sell beautiful pieces.

Online jewelry purchases are connected to numerous benefits that will be unavailable through a visit to the local jewelry boutique. The price is usually lower because the costs of operating an online business are limited. There are wide ranges and modern collections to choose among. All of these varieties will be available and the risk of an online store running out of stock is minimal.

Do you like the appearance of sterling silver rope chains? Our collection consists of fine quality, authentic silver pieces that are suitable for everyone. To find out more and to get your questions about online jewelry purchases answered, please call Sidney Imports at (213) 627-2113.