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The Beauty of Wholesale Silver Lab Opal Jewelry

Buying wholesale silver lab opal jewelries has its benefits. For one thing, opals are considered as one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world because of its iridescent colours. For another thing, lab opals closely mimic the appearance of natural opal but at affordable costs.

Created in the Lab, Made with Love

Opal, which comes from the Greek word opallios (change of colors) is actually an amorphous mineral and hydrated silica. Its internal spheres are arranged in layers allowing and diffracting light at specific points, thus, creating the brilliant displays of colours that characterize the gemstone. It is the national gemstone of Australia from which 97% of the world’s supply is produced.

But opal can be expensive. Fortunately, modern-day scientists have discovered the secrets to lab-created opals and, thus, were born wholesale silver lab opal jewelries beginning in the late 1970s. Today, these synthetic and simulated opals may be created in manmade laboratories but these are made with love as evidenced by their iridescent colors!

Lab-created opals come in two types, namely:

  • Synthetic opals have identical chemical, physical and optical qualities as natural opals so much so that it takes an experienced eye to know the difference upon closer inspection.
  • Simulated opals have similar optical properties as natural opals but do not have the same chemical and physical characteristics.

Both varieties are used in sterling silver opal jewelry to excellent results. Plus, simulated and synthetic opals have several advantages over their natural counterparts including their resistance to temperature changes as well as cracking, drying out, and crazing (network of fine cracks).

Why buy wholesale silver lab opal jewelries? Keep in mind that the wholesale business is centered on volume purchases such that the higher the amount of purchases made on a per-unit basis, the lower the prices will be on the items. If you are engaged in a buy-and-sell business where the sterling silver opal jewelry was purchased wholesale and then sold retail, your profits will be higher.

Diversity of Choices

Because of their beauty and durability, lab-created opals are used in all types of jewelry including:

  • Silver Lab Opal Rings: The opals are used either as standalone gems or in combination with other gemstones like diamonds. These rings can be used as glamour rings, engagement rings and daily wear jewelry, as desired.
  • Silver Lab Opal Pendants: These pendants come in several designs including crosses, flowers, hearts, turtles and dragonflies, among others.
  • Silver Lab Opal Earrings: These are probably the most popular wholesale silver lab opal jewelries because of their beauty, versatility and affordability. Choices in designs include hearts, turtles and clover leaves.
  • Silver Lab Opal Bracelets: Who can resist bracelets made with opals and silver? These pieces truly enhance the delicate beauty of a woman’s wrist.

Finding Trusted Sellers

Be careful when buying opal jewelry from online sites. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Search the Internet for reliable online sites selling wholesale lab opal jewelry. Read the reviews and join forums on the matter.
  • Make comparisons between all the suppliers.
  • Buy just a small amount to test the site’s reliability first.

For all your needs and wants in wholesale silver lab opal jewelries, call Sidney Imports at (213) 627-2113 or toll-free number at 888-708-4940 now.