Curb 050

Curb 150

Curb 050 - 1.7mm
Curb 150 - 6mm


Curb 060

Curb 180

Curb 060 - 2mm
Curb 180 - 7mm


111111111111111111111 Curb 080
1111111 Curb 220

Curb 080 - 3mm
Curb 220 - 9mm


 curb 100

Curb 250

Curb 100 - 4mm
Curb 250 - 10mm


Curb 120

Curb 120 - 4.5mm

Wholesale Sterling Silver Curb Chain

Silver chains are extremely popular and suitable for both men and women. The cool shine of silver and the numerous design possibilities determine the attractiveness of such accessories. Wholesale sterling silver curb chains are one of the most popular picks because of the diversity and the flexibility that the design provides.

What are Wholesale Sterling Silver Curb Chains?

The curb chain necklace is probably the most popular and widely used variety.

Jewelry chains are made of precious metals like gold and silver. Sterling silver is an alloy because pure silver is too soft for the production of high quality jewelry. A small percentage of copper is added to the silver to make it stronger.

The wholesale sterling silver curb chains use a style in which the links interlock with each other. Sometimes, the curb chain is mistaken for a trace-style chain, in which the links are uniform. In the case of a curb chain, the links interlock when laid flat and this is the method to use, in order to distinguish between the two varieties.

A men’s silver curb chain necklace will usually consist of solid links. The chains created for the needs of ladies tend to be more delicate and lighter. A curb chain can be made of exceptionally tiny links, which requires a lot of mastery and skill from the jewelry maker.

Why Buying Silver Curb Chains Online is a Good Idea

More and more people are discovering the advantages of buying jewelry online. Such purchases are affordable and very convenient for busy individuals. The delivery is made at a specified address and a time that is convenient for the buyer.

Examining the online store’s reputation in advance is the best way to make sure you are getting high quality silver chains. There should be a possibility to make a payment upon delivery. The store should also have a money back guarantee policy. Finally, there needs to be some evidence of the jewelry’s authenticity and quality.

Looking for wholesale sterling silver curb chain? We have a beautiful collection that features the design. To find out more, please call us at (213) 627-2113.