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Silver Italian Chain - Bead 100 Silver Italian Chain - Bead 100

Product Code: CP610041
Gauge: 100
Beads Size: 1 mm

Silver Italian Chain - Bead 120 Silver Italian Chain - Bead 120

Product Code: CP610042
Gauge: 120
Beads Size: 1.2 mm

Silver Italian Chain - Bead 150 Silver Italian Chain - Bead 150

Product Code: CP610043
Gauge: 150
Beads Size: 1.5 mm

Silver Italian Chain - Bead 180 Silver Italian Chain - Bead 180

Product Code: CP610044
Gauge: 180
Beads Size: 1.8 mm

A3 Silver Italian Chain - Bead 250

Product Code: CP610045
Gauge: 250
Beads Size: 2.5 mm

A3 Silver Italian Chain - Bead 300

Product Code: CP610046
Gauge: 300
Beads Size: 3 mm

A3 Silver Italian Chain - Bead 400

Product Code: CP612156
Gauge: 400
Beads Size: 4 mm


Wholesale Sterling Silver Bead Chains From Online Suppliers To Boost Profits

Sliver bead chains, which are also referred to as ball chains are made with sterling silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper, with the copper being added to ensure that the alloy acquires a definite form. Pure silver is too soft to acquire form.

These chains are made up of multiple silver balls, and can have many variations such as a diamond-cut chain or a chain with V-shaped silver pieces. This sterling silver chain can be worn on a standalone basis or with a pendant strung on them. For wholesale sterling silver bead chains, they are available in many sizes, shapes and styles so all retailers donít go out of fashion.

Sizes and Styles

The bead sizes range from 1 to 1.8 mm. You will be surprised to learn that larger balls are accommodated on smaller wires, and vice versa. Retailers can order chains by the foot or on an individual basis.

Silver bead chains are elegant and special to look at. They attract attention with their glimmer, and rich looks. Newer chains come with a matte finish and look chic, sophisticated and happening. Other finishes include stardust, rhinestone-accented, mirror, and more.

Wholesale sterling silver round bead chains are available at throwaway rates, which enhance the retailerís profits. The low prices also allow the retailer to become competitive by passing on discounts to his loyal customers.

Buying Silver Bead Chains Online

Online wholesale suppliers are directly networked with manufacturers and their establishment costs are negligible. Therefore, sterling silver beads supplied by online wholesalers cost lesser than physical distributors. Affordability is the key advantage of buying from an online supplier. You get rates that are lower than physical suppliers and therefore you can stock up or pass handsome discounts to your customers. Jewelry items are marked up by at least 200% so the low prices and the market-linked markups combine to boost your profits.

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