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Box with Extension Coreana Chains - Clearance
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The Benefits of Getting Wholesale Sterling Silver Chains

Sterling silver jewelry has become exceptionally popular lately and because of that status, the price of such pieces increased significantly. Buying high quality sterling silver pieces without spending a fortune becomes a mission impossible.

Wholesale sterling silver chains are a great option for anyone interested in the precious metal. There are many advantages connected to such a purchase.

Why Buy Wholesale Sterling Silver Chains?

Wholesale sterling silver chains are much more affordable than a 925 sterling silver chain bought from a jewelry boutique. Purchasing in bulk gives you a chance to benefit from a discount. Getting these items wholesale is a much better investment than buying cheap replicas of sterling silver jewelry.

There are many options and a great diversity to benefit from. Going to a jewelry store will usually give you a fewer possibilities.

Finally, if you plan to buy sterling silver pieces as a form of investment, a wholesale purchase is the most financially sound option for you. The quality of the sterling silver will be excellent, as long as you make your purchase from a reputable wholesale jewelry store.

The Most Popular Types of Silver Chains

There are various kinds of wholesale sterling silver chains. Some look more delicate, while others are thicker and more masculine. Here are the most popular varieties and their characteristics:

  • A silver box chain is made of square links that are connected to each other, resulting in a solid chain.
  • A silver round snake chain is also known as a Brazilian chain. The links are round and smooth, looking as if made from metal plate. They are connected to each other in a way that makes the chain flexible.
  • The flattened links are typical for a silver Figaro chain. The links are of different sizes and they alternate in a pattern, creating an interesting effect.
  • Silver curb link chain consists of oval and flat links. These could be rather heavy and are commonly selected for fashionable gentlemen.
  • The silver rope chain is quite interesting because the oval links are attached to each other in a way that produces the effect of a spiraling rope. This is one of the most popular and versatile types of wholesale sterling silver chains.

How to Find the Best Online Wholesale Silver Stores

Online stores provide convenience and a large selection but you have to pick a reputable ecommerce website in order to be satisfied with the results. Try to figure out who the manufacturer is. Many e-commerce stores actually belong to companies that manufacture their own jewelry. In such instances, you have some kind of quality and origin guarantee.

Good websites should list their terms and conditions in complete detail. These include the return policy, the shipping costs and the discounts. If the company is withholding information, you have a reason to worry.

Interested in buying wholesale silver chains? We have a wide selection for you. Visit our website to find out more or call us at (213) 627-2113.