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Wholesale Stone Bead Bracelet

Oh, the beauty of stone bead bracelets! You have such a wide range of choices in these pieces of jewelry that even your retail customers will love choosing several for their own collection. Just about every stone bead from amethyst, rose quartz and turquoise to lava stones, white pearl stone, and rhinestones are used on the bead bracelets wholesale – and often many stones are used in a single bracelet!

And it is not just stones beads that are used in these pieces either. Brass with gold plating in skull designs is also available for a kick-ass look.

Of course, these stone bead bracelets are made from quality materials including the above mentioned semi-precious stones as well as from strings in various colors like white, black and gray. Each bead bracelet is made with exquisite craftsmanship from its beautiful, round and smooth beads to its braided string. Each piece of wearable art is simply irresistible for men and women and even more beautiful when worn.

Wholesale stone bead bracelets come in adjustable sizes, thus, making these items saleable as gifts for adults and kids alike. The beads come in various sizes too, from 8 to 10 millimeter in diameter.

A sampling of the bracelets includes:

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