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925 Sterling Silver Marcasite Bracelet From Our Vast Collections

Wholesale Sterling Silver Marcasite Bracelet

Like all pieces of jewelry made from marcasite, any style of wholesale sterling silver marcasite bracelet is actually made from pyrite – or fool’s gold, for the layman. No, it is not made from marcasite but from pyrite, which may look similar to marcasite but is well-known for being less brittle and more stable.

Basically, small faceted pieces of pyrite are set into silver such that the blackish hue of the former complements the shiny luster of the latter. The result: Saleable silver marcasite jewelry that catches the eyes of customers even from afar because of their classic yet avant-garde beauty.

Let’s just say that marcasite jewelry may have been used by the ancient Greeks, beloved by Victorian-era aristocrats and common man alike, and popular with Art Nouveau designers but jewelry lovers will find it oh-so-beautiful in its modern-day form. What’s not there to love considering the wide variety of styles of sterling silver marcasite bracelet? Take a look:

  • Marcasite thin plates alternating with flower-shaped chains
  • Silver chain with marcasite settings complemented by light violet cubic zirconia stones
  • Silver chain with diamond-shaped pieces of pyrite embedded
  • Silver chain in flower and cat’s eye designs; the flowers have small pyrites while the cat’s eyes have turquoise stones in alternating pattern
  • Bead chain linking several pyrite pieces in swirling galaxy design with the “eye” decorated by a clear cubic zirconia; also comes with a black cubic zirconia.
  • Rectangle settings with turquoise and pyrite in alternating patterns

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