World's Most Exquisite Collections of 925 Sterling Silver CZ Bangle Bracelet

Wholesale Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet

Each one of the sterling silver cz bangle bracelet is saleable to retail customers and for good reasons, too. For one thing, these cubic zirconia bangles are made from high-quality sterling silver, a durable, versatile and beautiful alloy made from 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper by mass. The matte luster of the resulting alloy continues to appeal to modern sensibilities just as it did decades ago.

For another thing, these bangles are embellished with brilliant cubic zirconia in various colors and/or engraved with intricate designs on their surface. Why, indeed, settle for plain Jane bangles when your customers can have beautiful bangles of their own? Choose one style of 925 silver bangle bracelets and your customers will soon buy it!

Then again, don’t limit their choices! Let them choose from these sterling silver bangle bracelet wholesale – on retail prices, of course, when you sell these items to them.

• Open-ended 2-millimeter round bangle with blue cubic zirconia at each end

• Solid 4-millimeter thick bangle with aquamarine stones all around the band akin to an eternity ring

• Solid 2-millimeter thick bangle with satin finish and clear cubic zirconia stones embedded in the band at regular intervals

• Split bangle with clear cubic zirconia stones embedded in the band

• Solid 925 silver bangle bracelet with garnet stones embedded along the entire length of the band

• Solid bangle with cat’s eye and flower details on one-half of the band’s length, said details of which are embellished with clear cubic zirconia stones

• Split bangle with heart design; the heart has clear stones outlining its edges

• Solid bangle with black detailing on the band coupled with crosses set at regular intervals

• Tri-color bangle – silver with cubic zirconia stones, rose gold-plated, and yellow-gold plated 7-millimeter bangles.

To say that you have so many choices in sterling silver bangles is an understatement indeed! Just be sure that you buy wholesale sterling silver bangle bracelets from the best online wholesaler. Buy now at Sidney Imports so that you are assured of high-quality yet affordable products for sale to your customers. View our huge collection of exquisite designs for CZ bangles. Call us now at 213.627.2113 for more information on your next business venture in silver jewelry!