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Shell Pendant Collections in Various Patterns and Designs

Wholesale Rhodium Plated Brass Shell Pendant

Shell pendants are very popular, because shell can be carved into millions of different shapes. When combined with rhodium-plated brass, these pendants offer a strong and beautiful jewelry item that can be worn with many types of chains. Shell offers soft iridescence that makes every piece shimmer in a way that no stone can match. Shell is organic in nature and filled with rich meaning, being one of the oldest materials used for beads and pendants. When you are looking for the perfect pieces, nothing beats shopping for wholesale rhodium plated pendant with shell.

Rhodium-plated Brass is a lovely white metal over intense golden metal. Brass is very strong and great for costume jewelry. Plating it with rhodium gives it a white metallic shine that is just as scratch resistant and durable. This white metal provides great contrast to natural shell, which can be carved in many ways and forms. Most all pieces made with shell have carved surfaces for added details. Like other rhodium plated jewelry, one should make sure they know if their piece is plated or not so they know how to take care of it. Sidney Imports offers 54 different styles of these popular shell pendants.

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