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Selections of 925 Sterling Silver ID Bracelet

Wholesale Sterling Silver ID Bracelet

All the types of sterling silver ID bracelet continue the tradition of personalized jewelry. Keep in mind that an ID bracelet has an inline solid rectangular plate – the nameplate, in industry parlance - in the middle of the chain wherein the owner’s name will be engraved. The name can be anything from the wearer’s full name and nickname to initials and important dates depending on personal preference.

In most men’s silver ID bracelets, the owner’s name is engraved using printed block letters because these appear more masculine. In women’s silver ID bracelets, the font styles are usually feminine in appearance, say, in script letters. But it all boils down to the preference of the owner.

The most popular types of sterling silver ID bracelet come in two chains, namely, Figaro and Curb. The Figaro silver chain is characterized by flattened links without uniform-sized links; each bracelet follows a pattern of 2-3 shorter links followed by a single longer link and so on and so forth while the nameplate breaks the pattern in the middle before being resumed on the other side. On the other hand, the curb ID bracelet chain has interlocking chains of equal size with the middle broken by the rectangular nameplate.

Both types of men and women’s ID bracelets nonetheless, are made from sterling silver materials. It should be noted that sterling silver refers to the alloy of 92.5% by mass silver and 7.5% by mass other metal usually copper. The combination makes silver, which is too soft for use in making jewelry, more durable yet malleable, not to mention more beautiful in appearance.

In fact, this kind of material is used as an affordable substitute for platinum – an untrained eye will be unable to tell the difference between the two metals – while also being a preference of individuals with allergies to nickel. Indeed, why spend more for gold jewelry when you can enjoy similar values from sterling silver jewelry?

The silver ID bracelets come in several styles in terms of width and length. Choices include chain widths of 5 to 9 millimeters and chain lengths of 120 to 250 millimeters.

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