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Huge Catalogue of Finest Rhodium Plated Brass Sets

Wholesale Rhodium Plated Brass Jewelry Set

Buy a single wholesale rhodium plated jewelry set, sell it to one of your customers, and it will easily be sold at a good profit. Yes, that’s how appealing bras jewelry with rhodium plating can be and for good reasons, too.

Think about it: Rhodium plated brass jewelry combines three of the most important qualities in excellent pieces of wearable art – beauty, durability and versatility. These traits come from the use of high-quality materials, namely, brass, rhodium and stones like black onyx, turquoise and cubic zirconia.

Brass in itself is a beautiful and durable metal with a rich low shine that lends itself well to various designs in jewelry. Keep in mind that the alloy of copper and zinc has been used for hundreds of years in dozens of applications, most of the products still in use today.

Rhodium is applied in many wholesale rhodium plated jewelry sets because the metal adds beauty, durability and value to the brass. Keep in mind that rhodium is one of the most expensive metals so much so that it is more expensive than gold and platinum, thus, its monetary value even in plated jewelry. Its high reflectivity factor adds to the aesthetic appeal of rhodium plated brass jewelry while its high anti-corrosion quality adds to its durability.

Stones like black onyx, turquoise and cubic zirconia are the icing on the cake - the jewel on the already beautiful metal – so to speak. With the combination of stones and metal, choices in rhodium plated jewelry set include: (Take note that each set contains a pair of earrings and a necklace)

  • Black onyx in a drop setting; necklace length 16 inches with a 2-inch extension
  • Cubic zirconia embedded in a flower-in-a-circle design; necklace length 16 inches with 2 inches as extension
  • Turquoise stones in drop setting; earring height of 30 millimeters, pendant height of 45 millimeters, and necklace length of 16 inches

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