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Italian Figaro Chains
Figaro 030 - 1mm Figaro 120 - 5mm
111111111111111111 FIGARO 030 111111 Figaro 120
Figaro 040 - 1.5mm Figaro 150 - 6mm
Figaro 150
Figaro 050 - 1.8 mm Figaro 180 - 7mm
Figaro 050 Figaro 180
Figaro 060 - 2.3 mm Figaro 220 - 9mm
Figaro 220
Figaro 080 - 3 mm Figaro 250 - 10mm
Figaro 080 Figaro 250 - 10mm
Figaro 100 - 4mm
Figaro 100
The most notable figaro chains are manufactured in Italy.
The thicker figaro chains are usually worn by men and are often paired with pendants such as crosses and medallions.

Wholesale Sterling Silver Figaro Chain

Wholesale sterling silver Figaro chains come with slight variations in the design that make the piece of jewelry suitable for everyone. The material itself is incredible links. This makes it unique and quite in demand.

The menís silver Figaro chain usually has larger links that change sizes. These pieces are more solid, thus a bit more expensive. Sterling silver itself is quite expensive, as it is an alloy that contains approximately 92. 5 percent pure silver and another metal like copper.

Figaro chains got their name in Italy. Local jewelry producers were inspired by operas like The Barber of Seville and The Marriage of Figaro to come up with the pattern.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Sterling Silver Figaro Chains Online

Purchasing sterling silver Figaro chains online is a really convenient option, once you manage to find a reputable online store.

You will look at different pieces in the comfort of your own home. Online jewelry shops are available 24/7. Additionally, you will get to examine a much larger catalog than the designs that are displayed in a jewelry boutique.

Online jewelry purchases tend to be less expensive, as well. Do some careful research to determine the reputation of the seller and to make sure you are getting authentic, high quality sterling silver.

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